My name is Edoardo Viola and I was born at Cagliari on 9 October of 1984. I just though the degree in Computer Science at the University of Cagliari with the mark 106/110. From two years ago I started to be Volunteer for the Mozilla Foundation. Actually I'm a Regional Coordinator for the Mozilla Campus Club Program, Reps Regional Coach, Club Captain of Mozilla Cagliari Club and mentor for the Open Leadership Training Program.

My favourite dish is Pizza and I love to sing and play guitar. In the past I done some modern singing courses, masters around my nation and I partecipated at some national and international Festivals. Today I prefeer to Sing and play the guitar with local band or with friends. I love to cook, taste and exeperiments new dishes and I like travel too. I start to use IT technologies from I was 7 years old, and, from that moment, my life is changed. During my Studies I getting in touch with various Programming Languages, elettronic and telecomunication technologies. As you can see, I speak a little English, Spanish, and, a bit of Chinese. I love to know people over the entire world and for that reason I remain fascinated from other languages.


From 2015, I started to be a volunteer for Mozilla. I started in the Firefox Student Ambassador(FSA). After 1 year of experience there, I've been selected as Regional Ambassador Lead (RAL) for my country. My personal little record is that I was be the first RAL selected in all the Europe. In only five months we have planned some events and increased the number of active volunteers in the program and in the Italian Mozilla Community (Mozilla Italia), all that for me was amazing. During this experience, I created the Mozilla Cagliari Club. An inclusive club focused to help the people in Web Literacy, a Club where all people can partecipate to help or learn how use, make and partecipate on the web. Actually, I'm involved in the new Mozilla Campus Club as Campus Advisory Committee Member and Regional Coordinator, In the Open Leadership

Training Program as Mentor and I'm involved as Reps Regional Coach. This role have the goals to helps the various National Communities members in the World to identify the best way to increase the partecipation in all their community activities. Actually, I'm involved in the Open Leadership Training Program as Mentor too. This program is oriented to help the people to get all the instruments helpful to be a good open source project leader. I'm excited to be involved as mentor and I'm happy to help other in the world to create community who works in opensource. I hope to update soon this section with some other awesome news, but, the more important thing is that I'm proud to be a part of the fantastic Mozilla family.


During my Universities studies, I worked how informatic technician and ocasionally I worked how Stewart for a soccer Club (Cagliari Calcio), unskilled worker to mount and dismount big Stage in a big concert or events, sound engineer in Music Events and in Recording Studios. Next, I worked for two years in the CRM field for Sky Italia S.r.l., a big telecomunication and broadcasting corporate, where I worked in the Customer Satisfaction and Commercial Retention fields. Next these two fantastic years, I decided to renew my life and after some job interview, I start to work for bcs biotech S.r.l. a Sardinian Biotech Corporate. Here I've been involved how Mainteneance Manager and Technical Assistance Manager for three long years.

In all this period I've been involved in a Research Project for a Software and Device for the healthcare how Coordinator Scientific Manager, and, I work in other various Research project how Techinician. Unfortunately, next three years of hard work, the corporate was out business and I owed to reinvent my life. Seen my actitudes and my interests, I restarted to study at University in a different Faculty to take a degree in Computer Science. Now, next two intensive years, I taked the degree in Computer Science. From July of this year I started to help a little Biotech Corporate located here in Cagliari, how Mainteneance Manager and Technical Assistance Manager. Regardings my interest in coding and what I study at the university I can make a short list with: Java, C#, C, a bit of OCAML, HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL. Now I started to study the JS, and in future, I want to start to learn the RUST Language.


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